Dental Treatment Financing

Do you think you can’t afford dental work?

Almost every procedure has an alternative that may be cost less. For example, if you have been told that you need a crown, there is an alternative to that which is a bonded filling. If you want porcelain veneers, sn alternative would be one visit veneers or teeth whitening. There are many creative ways for us to deliver great dental work at an affordable price.

Sometimes, however, there may be only one choice that you have for your dental treatment. For those times, we have very flexible no credit check financing available. We finance almost any dental treatment with a monthly price you can afford. You set a reasonable price, and we will work with it! Take a look below to see what we can offer.

Private Dental Plans

For those of you who do not have any dental insurance at all, we offer comprehensive Dental Plans that are superior to most individual dental insurances. Please click above to see our different plans. We even cover  Teeth Whitenings with all of our private plans!

Long Term Financing Options

If you need to make long-term payments we can offer financing with Lending USA  or Lending Club which offers NO MONEY DOWN financing for up to 60 months low interest rates.

We also offer Simple Pay which offers longer term financing with NO CREDIT CHECKS and NO INTEREST. A one time $39 enrollment fee is charged to open an account, and there is only a $4 monthly transaction fee. Please do not hesitate to ask us about these options. The financing duration can be up to 60 months!

Short Term Financing

We can offer a six month payment plan with a credit card on file – If you need very short term financing, we can finance any dental treatment plan for you. An interest rate of 4.9% interest/month is provided for credit cards on file. A 3.9% interest rate is provided for automatic electronic check withdrawal from your bank account.

Dental Insurance

We accept all PPO Insurances, but because there are so many different plans that exist for any one insurance company, it is always best for us to contact your dental insurance company on your behalf so we can get the specific details that pertain to you.

We do not accept HMO’s and Medicare/Medicaid. If you have either of these, consider our Private Dental Plans, the care and coverage you get in general is FAR SUPERIOR.

Medical Insurance

For medically related cases such as implants, sleep apnea, emergencies, bruxism and various other procedures, PPO medical insurances can also help pay for services. Come in for a Free Consultation to find out if your medical insurance can help lower your treatment.

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