Are Lumineers Good?

The answer to this question basically boils down to what a Lumineer actually is. A Lumineer is both a brand and a type of porcelain.

When porcelain veneers first came out, they were pretty weak. They would break or crack a lot. Veneers got stronger over time because the porcelain got stronger. When a porcelain called Empress was made, veneers got more popular because they got stronger. The Empress porcelain, although strong, would still see a high percentage of due to cracking. After Empress started gaining steam, Cerinate Labs came out with the Lumineer Porcelain that claimed superiority in terms of strength. This was true, the Lumineer porcelain was stronger than Empress porcelain, and because it was stronger, they were able to make it thinner as well. Here is where the branding came in. Since Lumineers could be made so thin, they realized that the tooth did not have to be prepared all the time. Lumineers started branding themselves as a prepless veneer, meaning the tooth would not have to be drilled on. They marketed this to the consumer, and their brand exploded.

A few years later, the same company that made the Empress porcelain came out with something even stronger than Lumineers. They called it E.Max porcelain. To date, E.max porcelain is not only used for veneers, but is used for crowns and other dental restorations. E.Max veneers are certainly much stronger than Lumineers, but Lumineers still rules when it comes to branding.

So to answer the question proposed on this blog; Lumineers is a good veneering system, but it is not the best. E.Max is. When it comes down to it, the overall look of a set of veneers is still more important to a consumer than what its made out of. This always comes down to the mastery and vision of the dentist. Not every dentist is a true cosmetic dentist. Be careful and do your research!


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