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Don’t wait for your problems to get worse! We can make payment plans for all dental treatment. No credit checks!

Why Choose Genuine Dental?

Our Focus is on Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Your own teeth will always be better than what we can replace it with. That makes it our goal to conserve as much of your own natural tooth structure as possible. We do this by heavily investing in new and innovative dental technologies that help us to diagnose and treat problems earlier. Below are just some of the technology we have deployed in our office

3D Printed Teeth

Have you ever had a crown done before? Typically you would have to wait 2 weeks or more with an uncomfortable, temporary tooth that would often fall out. At Genuine Dental, a new tooth can be made for you in the same day using CAD/CAM technology. It basically is a 3D printed tooth. It’s super strong, looks natural and will last a long time! Best of all, if anything happens to your new tooth, another one can be created again right here in the office.

Cavity Camera - Earlier detection of cavities

Our Cavity Camera uses fluorescent technology to diagnose cavities at a much earlier stage. For patients, it means that problems are treated earlier and with fewer complications. Treating cavities at its earliest stages also means that you may not need to be numbed up at all!

Comfort Numbing

You are not going to find a practice better than us at giving shots. Period. We invest heavily on equipment, pharmaceuticals, and techniques for giving the best shots. You will feel (or should we say, won’t feel) the difference!

We offer nitrous oxide sedation. With the help of innovative technology, we don’t need to give shots for most fillings.

Ask about our $150 special. Get whiter teeth with just a single appointment. Call or Text to find out more about us.


In Office Whitening

If time is a factor, and you want great results sooner rather than later, then this is the treatment of choice. Results for this type of treatment can be seen within an hour. Typical patients can get their teeth whiter by 6-7 shades.

Typical treatment is split into 3 or 4 sessions. Each session is 15 minutes long. In general, the more yellow your teeth are, the more dramatic the results you will see. Some patients can feel the sensitivity start in the first session, but some don’t feel it even after all 4 sessions are finished. Your experience will vary.

Teeth Whitening

So you don’t like the color of your teeth? Teeth whitening or bleaching may be the way to go! Teeth whitening is a fast, effective and low-cost cosmetic procedure that will brighten your smile. Best of all, it doesn’t damage your teeth in any way!






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