The Difference

A Focus on Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Your own teeth will always be better than what we can replace it with. That makes it our goal to conserve as much of your own natural tooth structure as possible. We do this by heavily investing in new and innovative dental technologies that help us diagnose and treat problems earlier. Below are just some of the technology we have deployed in our office.

Non-Invasive Cavity Treatmentbrushing, toothpaste

Did you know that there is treatment to stop cavities in about a minute with NO DRILLING and NO SHOTS? A special FDA approved anti-cavity agent is applied to the tooth and stops the cavity! This treatment is perfect for small kids, compromised patients and just anyone that is afraid of dentists! It’s not right for everyone, but it works for a lot of people!

3D Skull

3D X-ray Machine

Being able to take 3D images allows us to find problems faster and treat conditions better.

IT’S FAST: Images just take about 20 seconds to acquire.

IT’S PAINLESS: There are no giant or sharp sensors that have to be placed inside your mouth. You know it’s comfortable when there’s no fuss from the children!

IT’S ACCURATE: Studies show that its accuracy rivals that of a hospital-grade CT machine!

Cavity Camera

Cavities start from the outside of your teeth. Your outside tooth structure has no nerves, so if a cavity is caught early enough it can be removed without numbing! Why don’t dentists do this more? It’s simple – sometimes they just can’t tell. Cavities and stains can look alike. An aggressive dentist will assume there are more cavities, whereas a conservative dentist will presume less cavities. Yet both these scenarios utilize guessing… and that’s not good for you! Our cavity camera lights up cavities like a Christmas tree! There is no guessing with us, and we won’t empty your pockets or perform any work unless necessary.


3D Printed Teeth

Have you ever had your dentist send something to a lab where they could make a new tooth? In the meantime, you would have to wait 2 weeks or more with an uncomfortable, temporary tooth that would often fall out. At Genuine Dental Arts, a new tooth can be made for you in the same day! It’s super strong, looks natural and will lasts a long time! Best of all, if anything happens to your new tooth, another one can be created again right here in office.

Comfort Numbing System3D illustration of some clear blue water with circular ripples and plenty of copyspace.

Are you afraid of dental shots? Trust us, you are not alone. Have no fear, DentalVibe is here! How does it work? You have sensors under your skin for all sorts of feelings. Those wires all merge into one big cord that leads to your brain, where it is interpreted as a feeling. The catch here is that the body can only interpret one wire at a time, which means that if the wire for feeling vibrations is stronger than the wire for feeling pain, you body only interprets the vibration feeling. The feeling of pain is masked, therefore when a system like the DentalVibe this is used, dental numbing is comfortable!

stemcellAutogenous Stem Cells

Have you ever experienced some form of dental surgery? A Wisdom tooth removed? Didn’t you wish that it would heal better and faster and not hurt so much? We have a special system that will concentrate the good stuff in your body, such as stem cells and growth factors, all into a membrane or a plug. Once it’s in, you will heal faster, better and have less pain after surgery! Because this is taken from your own body, there are no allergies or rejections to worry about!


Lasers are great in medicine, especially in dentistry. Procedures that used to be done in a hospital setting can now be done in the office. Why? Because not only does the laser energy stop bleeding instantly, but it prevents inflammatory products from leaking out of the cells that have been cut! This makes healing much, much faster. Unlike traditional surgery with scalpels, there are no sutures involved. And for the cherry on top: you don’t have to be numbed by a needle for most procedures!