Gabriel A.

Gabriel A.

It’s rare to find a dentist office with this level of personability, style, and work ethic. Dr. Ren made time to introduce himself as I waited in their small lobby. The painting you see him kneeling by in the photos is a piece he painted himself. His signature lies on the model’s left breast. The music and ambiance of the office will captivate you as soon as you step in.

I was just another one of hundreds that cashed in on the Groupon, but wasn’t treated differently than any other patient. There was literally no wait. Amazingly they placed a ipod powered pair of speakers in my vicinity just to add to the ambiance.

The procedure was teeth whitening. Dr. Ren showed me where I fared on a comparative chart prior to the procedure. He forecasted the results. After the procedure, I was two shades higher than the predicted results. Nice!

Brian N.

First off all, I have not been to the dentist in a couple of years. Yes, it is terrible but fortunately there were not major problems. So I was a little hesitant about the visit. When I first arrived in the office I felt very comfortable and my nerves subsided which is a good impression. I was well received b y the reception and was seen by the doctor within 5 minutes of my check in. I came in for x-rays and clean-up. My overall impression of the Dr. Nguyen was good, I could tell that he has practiced his craft well and my visit quite pleasant. I’m usually a little uptight when going to the dentist but my visit wasn’t so bad. I would recommend anyone to this office and to this doctor. He did a great job and my smile is brighter than ever 🙂

Jasmin M.

I am not a huge fan of going to the dentist (I guess no one really is); however, Dr. Peter and his staff create such a calming experience that I don’t mind going. I had to get a bunch of numbing shots and I was really worried about the pain. But Dr. Peter has this vibration technique that allowed me to not feel a single pinch of the needle. I really feel that the name Genuine Dental is so appropriate for this dental office. They seem to genuinely care about your comfort and the job they are doing. I would highly recommend this office to anyone.

Gabriel R.

Awesome environment. Dr Peter and his staff are amazingly welcoming and the office is very chic. They always played walking dead for me or pandora while they worked on my teeth. I will definitely be back and recommend them to all who ask me about where to go get dental work done.

Deidre M.

I was recommended going to Dr Nguyen AKA Dr Peter by a patient of his. The office was impressive, comfortable and the staff was friendly and nice. I came in for a very unconventional service — cosmetic diamond in my canine tooth. He did a fantastic job and made sure it was perfectly even and drilled properly. They also take Care Credit card which is wonderful for people that pay out of pocket and don’t have health insurance.

Doan N.

Dr. Nguyen is a top notch dentist. He was very thorough explaining each and every step. The office is immaculate and the staff are nice and professional. The vibrating tool they use to minimize the pain from the shots is perfect. I did not feel a thing. I highly recommend Genuine Dental Arts! Thank you Dr. Nguyen for saving my smile 🙂

Hayley H.

It has taken me 4.5 years to find the right dentist in Southern California! Dr. Nguyen is genuine and really knows what he is talking about. I had just had a cleaning and was told I didn’t have any cavities. I came in to Dr. Nguyen about some potential cosmetic work and he did a cavity scan on me and found 3! Dr. Nguyen is able to articulate himself in a way that is not condescending like some dentists can be…..especially in Orange County!! I would HIGHLY recommend the office. They get you right in and the office has a cool atmosphere.

Sophia H.

Went back to this office today and was so happy with the results. This is the dentist you have been searching for. The staff is amazing; the scheduling is so helpful with reminders via text or email. And the advanced equipment provides a comfortable dental visit. The hygienist Stacy is terrific, Dr. Peter is by far a superior dentist. His bedside manner and knowledge is a refreshing experience. High marks for this office! My teeth looked great and felt amazing. I always feel like a long time friend here and and grateful for front desk, Mario’s professionalism. Highly recommended

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