Straighten Your teeth with Invisalign

Invisalign is a set of clear aligners or transparent trays that straighten your teeth, without metal wires or brackets. They’re virtually undetectable, which means hardly anyone will know that you’re straightening your teeth!

The Invisalign System combines advanced 3-D computer graphics technology with the science of orthodontics. Invisalign aligners are designed to move your teeth in small steps to the desired final position. Each aligner is precisely calibrated and manufactured to fit your mouth at each stage of your treatment. The biggest advantage that Invisalign has over braces is cleanability. These trays can be removed when eating, brushing or flossing. An added bonus is that you can add whitening gel into your aligners so that you can whiten and straighten your teeth at the same time! Invisalign may not be right for everyone, so come visit our office to determine if Invisalign is right for you.


Invisalign vs Traditional Braces

With regular braces, you may experience some or all of the following: pain, discomfort, mouth sores or injuries caused by the brace wires and brackets. With braces, tooth decay (from inadequate brushing and flossing) and plaque buildup may be more prevalent due to the braces acting as a food trap that is even hard for a dentist to clean! On top of that, tooth discoloration is a common occurrence due to decalcification and decay. As if that weren’t enough, there are also the personal sacrifices—popcorn, chips, bagels, hard-crusted bread, pizza crust, pretzels, nuts, certain candies…plus apples, carrots, corn on the cob, and more. With Invisalign, you can eat what you want. Your trays are always removed before brushing, flossing and eating. Because the correct hygienic steps can be taken to clean your teeth, the chances of tooth decay is minimized.

Health benefits of Straight Teeth

Some people think straightening their teeth would only be for cosmetic reasons. Truth is, while a straight smile boosts your self-esteem and confidence, it also improves your overall health!

With crooked or crowded teeth, keeping those areas clean can be rough. Staining, gum disease, plaque and tartar build-up, even decay are much more likely if you’re unable to keep your mouth clean. Those puffy and bleeding gums around your teeth? They don’t just make you self-conscious. Your mouth is a gateway to the rest of your body. Studies have found that people who have suffered from a heart attack can have dental plaque in their arteries! Improving your oral health helps the rest of your body!


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